muir woods (bike and hike and bike)

Rode the Sausalito bikeway to HWY 1 to Muir Woods today. I was so incredibly excited when I got there I did not even try to contain it. I was like a little boy in his first forest but without the fear. This forest was just about the right size.

Most of the way there was uphill, and a few times I had to walk. It was pretty tough, actually. My legs were cramping on the way back (it probably didn’t help that I hiked five or six miles too), but it was alright because, well, most of the way back was downhill.

Because I left right about 5PM there was a lot of traffic. Zipping down the continual steep curves of HWY 1 and moving at the speed of a car was really fun and seemed to last forever. Twisting! Leaning! I took up the whole lane, and the car behind me wasn’t pushy at all. I was only part of the best traffic EVER.

NOTE: leaving the Woods, there are two ways to get back to San Francisco. Sign points right. I came down from the left so returned that way, but it was so steep for the last stretch entering (leaving) the park I walked up almost all the way to the curves. Would be inclined to check out the other way next time, but going down those curves was so much fun I don’t know if I’ll be able to pass them up.

I forgot my odometer, but Muir Woods (National Monument) was surprisingly not very far away. I thought it was past Stinson Beach but it isn’t. In fact, one of the trails I followed would take you all the way to Stinson, if you stayed on it long enough, about 5.7 miles, I think (mostly to the West). I cut back EastNorth to hit the Van Wyck Meadow instead,  populated with Pine at the perimeters and cool thanks to Redwood Creek – a nice companion for the hike back down to the bike.

I covered a decent bit of land today and looking at the map right now is rather astonishing. There is so much of it! I almost can’t wait to to get back out there and further explore – and utilize – the park. I would even consider doing it again tomorrow despite my sore legs.

I got a pretty quality video of a woodpecker and a bunch of pretty good pictures. I also recorded an hour-long audio track of my hike. It’s incredible because I feel like I’m going somewhere when I’m sitting around (blogging, right now) and it’s not distracting like music. Good reminder too!

Woodpecker coming soon!


~ by evankarp on August 10, 2009.

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  1. Awesome article, I felt I was right there with you

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