muir woods, part 2 (bike and hike and bike and wine and sleep)

I couldn’t wait. I had to go back before the weekend.

I won’t post many pictures because I didn’t take many. What I did take was a nap. The holiest most righteous nap of all time. When I went to sleep on the side of the trail, feet against a redwood, the whole forest was silent. Imagine leaves drifting slowly down without any sounds whatsoever and how magical that is. There were not even floating leaves. Perfectly still. When I awoke it was the same, and my eyes opened to the canopy, between two and three hundred feet above, of redwoods and giant sequoias.

I did take a video, and hopefully this will give you an idea.

Also, I remembered my odometer yesterday. It was exactly 17.49 miles from my apartment to the national monument, and since we returned the same route it is right at 35 miles, round-trip. We didn’t do much hiking yesterday, but here’s the sequence:

bike and hike and bike and wine and sleep!

~ by evankarp on August 14, 2009.

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