Gearing up!

Oh, what’s that you say, universe? I had 2 possessions that really mattered, in the sense of dependence mattered, and you took 1 away from me on one of my most triumphant days? Wait a minute … I don’t need to fictionalize this and tell (admittedly excellent) stories like “The Book of Job” to understand: the universe sucks sometimes.

But here we are, 7 months later, and as if by design I am completely absorbed in a reading + writing career (of sorts). I did replace my bike (with a little help) back in October to help facilitate this ‘career,’ but my general work schedule (nonstop) combined with the weather to prevent me from taking the bike out on longer sojourns.

Until this past Sunday! I went with roommates Ben + Chris to Muir Woods and, although there was no wine drinking (for me), I decided I should welcome myself back and start maintaining this site again. After all, the season is here, and it’s time for that much-needed perspective. Thanks, city, for keeping me busy during the winter. But goodbye!

Stay tuned for more adventures. I bet it’s pretty ripe up there in the North North Bay! Maybe it’s about time to put together another press tour …


~ by evankarp on March 31, 2010.

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